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Due to the unique circumstances happening across the World, our plans for opening have been delayed. I am eager to get back to feeding you, but this time has been necessary for me to slow down and fine tune our plans. I am currently not taking any special orders besides loaves of sourdough bread. Please message me (below) for an order and I will deliver $10/loaf. Thank you for your support and patience! 

What's the Buzz?


I'm Katie (on the right) a Chicago/California hybrid chef with an obsession with all things green. My cooking is rooted quite literally from the Earth.

I look at food as a creative expression and also a simple, necessary life skill. As long as you stay true to you, a good meal will nourish the heart, fuel the soul, and ultimately heal the world. 

In 2016, I opened the Honey B as a creative outlet to cook veggies and nourish hungry bellies but my passion is evolving into more than I could've ever imagined. While I work on expanding our hive, a few things will always remain. We will always source from fresh, wholesome plants, create with love, know our intention, keep curious, stay connected, reach for the stars, and remember our roots. 

Like our Honey bee friends, we all have a beautiful and important  role in this world and as a chef, I'm here to show you that ingredients from the Earth can be truly tasty, ever so simple, yet creative, a ritual, or a work of art, but above all, can heal you from the inside out!


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