Behind the Buzz

The Honey B is taking cooking back to it’s roots, quite literally. By building our heat with natural wood, sourcing produce locally, and preserving ancient cooking methods, we’re able to tap into the simple, wholesome ways we we’re designed to cook and nourish ourself.  

The Honey B was born from the desire to share the gifts nature gives to us. After three years running the first Honey B, on top of Antioch, I started to unravel a deeper buzz behind cooking. Taking some time off allowed me to connect with nature in a way I hadn’t been able to before. The simplicity of a campfire and ingredients from the Earth brought me back to my favorite parts of cooking. Simply put, food tastes better over wood fire,

in small batches, with love.

I’ve developed Honey B’s new recipes to align with the elements of the Earth. Bread couldn’t be bread without Earth providing wholesome grains to mill, water for the grains to stretch & grow, air that carries “wild yeast” to rise the dough,fire to ignite the grains into a crusty loaf. Flour and water seems simple enough, it’s time we can’t seem to find. 


We’re here to revive the art of resting, because life is too beautiful not to savor! Slowing down not only heals our busy minds but also our grains of wheat.


 Long fermentation allows the densely packed grains to breakdown for easier digestion and absorption of nutrients. In the past 50 years, quick active-dry yeast has been replaced for natural starter to speed up the bread making process. Unfortunately, this leaves the wheat in a compact, indigestible state. 

We ‘listen to our gut’ for a reason. It’s a brain of it’s own

and deserves to be clean and happy by eating cultured foods and high quality ingredients. 

So, here’s to the Honey B’s next chapter, to be honest, spread love, and eat fermented foods <3

Meet  the Chefs

I'm Katie a Chicago/California chef with an obsession with all things green. My cooking is rooted literally in the Earth. I look at food as a creative expression and also a simple, necessary life skill. As long as you stay true to the basics, a good meal will nourish the heart, fuel the soul, and ultimately heal the world. 

In 2016, I opened the Honey B as a creative outlet to cook veggies and nourish hungry bellies but my passion is evolving into more than I could've ever imagined. While I expand the business, a few things will always remain. We will source from fresh ingredients, create with love, keep curious, reach for the stars, and remember our roots.

I’m Max Schultz, aka “Fire Slayer.” I have been working with Katie at the Honey B since day one. Over the years I’ve discovered a Love for serving others, the art of fermentation, and foundations of cooking. I wholeheartedly believe that food has an immense power to affect positive change in our human experience. From playing with food to playing with fire, I am so excited to share with the world our tasty creations.